Biology | Biology Laboratory
L113 | 0547-0562 | Schultz, P

Course format:  Three hour of laboratory and one hour of discussion
per week.

Requirements: P: or concurrent  - Biol L112; R: Biol 111.

Course description: L113 is a general, introductory biology laboratory
course intended for science majors.  The course has three goals: (1)
to introduce students to the essentials of experimentation with a
focus on investigative logic and methods; (2) to familiarize students
with some of the principles of biology with emphasis on cell biology,
genetics, animal behavior and population biology; (3) to introduce the
methodologies and techniques used in the above mentioned disciplines
of biology.
The hour of discussion is used to prepare students for the theoretical
and technical aspects of the laboratories as well as to analyze,
interpret and prepare to write up the laboratory reports.

Required text:  Biology, Campbell and Reece, 6th edition, A Student
Handbook for Writing in Biology, Karin Knisely

Weekly assignments: quizzes in discussion and laboratory; reading (and
possibly flow chart diagram) for lab exercise preparation.

Exams/papers: Four-six reports; 2-3 exercises and an independent
project and report.