Biology | Cell Biology
L312 | 0582 | Bender, A

Course Format: Discussion:  9:30-10:45A, TR, BH 347.

Prerequisites: Biol L211 or S211.

Course Description:  The main goal of this course is to improve
thinking skills, particularly skills for confronting complexity and
uncertainty.  Toward this end, we will work to improve our abilities
to generate, prioritize, analyze, and investigate QUESTIONS about
molecular/cellular aspects of biology.  A related goal of this course
is to increase our abilities to learn cooperatively.  In particular,
we will work to improve our small-group discussion/dialogue skills.
There will probably be little, if any, lecturing.  If you do not want
to discuss your interests, thinking, and learning with your class
mates, and/or if you do not want to discuss their interests, thinking,
and learning, this course is not appropriate for you.

Recommended Text:  If you want to buy a cell-biology textbook, I
recommend getting either Molecular Biology of the Cell (2002), edited
by Bruce Alberts et al. or Molecular Cell Biology (2004), edited by
Harvey Lodish et al.  Other sources of reading material will be
current review articles that will be available on electronic reserve
as well as any articles that you find yourselves.
Weekly Assignments:  You will write about your analyses and
investigations of your own questions.

Exams/Papers:  There will be no exams.  The current plan is that you
will compile your writings, throughout the semester, into a single