Biology | Genetics Laboratory
L319 | 0584 | Hershey, H

Course Format: Lecture: 2:30P-3:20P, M, JH A106 plus lab on Tuesday or
Thursday (1:25P-4:00P)

Prerequisites: P or concurrent - Biol L311.

Course Description: An experimental lab course that provides hands-on
experience with the genetic systems of three organisms: E.coli (a
bacterium), yeast (a simple eukaryotic organism), and the fruit fly,
Drosophila (a multicellular organism). All three organisms are used in
research labs throughout the world as model systems.  The course
offers students the basic techniques used for genetic analysis that
are unique to each organism with the emphasis on genetic principles.
The course covers the following genetic methods and principles: mutant
isolation, complementation analysis, tetrad analysis, conjugation,
transduction, sex-linkage, linkage analysis, recombination/mapping of
mutant phenotypes.

Required Text: L319 Genetic Laboratory Lab Manual.

Weekly Assignments: Outline of weekly laboratory procedures.

Exams/Papers: Midterm exam, final exam and laboratory reports.