Biology | Alternative Teachng Approaches
L555 | 0616 | Bender, A

Course format: Discussion: 2:30P-4:30P, W, JH 248.

Requirements: Graduate students only or consent of instructor.

Course description: My main goal for L555 is to give you opportunities
to consider more carefully 1) what you think that college biology
curricula ought to be helping students to accomplish and 2) what
information you would like to have concerning how students learn and
develop toward helping guide you, as an instructor, to assist students
to accomplish whatever you most want for them to accomplish.

	Topics that we’ll deal with include:

1.	Schemes of cognitive development and types of critical
2.	Learning styles.
3.	Small-group discussions.
4.	Types and uses of assessment.

	We will do a lot of discussion in this course.  We may also want to
invite to some of our class meetings those educational experts here at
IU who are particularly knowledgeable about any specific issues that
are of interest to us.

	You will have weekly reading and writing assignments.  I expect you
to spend five hours per week on these assignments.

	I want to add that I feel that it is a privilege to be associated
with this course.  I was fortunate to have taken it from Craig Nelson
two years ago.  Craig’s course helped me to question and analyze
assumptions that I had held about education and stimulated me to want
to keep learning more.  Fortunately, Craig has agreed to serve as a
resource for us in this next semester’s incarnation of L555.