Biology | Physiological Ecology
L560 | 0617 | Demas, G

Course format: Seminar: 2:30P-5:00P, T, JH A310.

Requirements: Open to graduates only or consent of instructor.

Course description: This is a seminar-style course with an emphasis on
the interaction of physiology and behavior nested within an ecological
context.  Reproduction and reproductive success will be the general
underlying theme of the course and we will examine how various
physiological and behavioral processes (e.g., energetics, feeding,
foraging, parasites and immunocompetance, hibernation/torpor,
aggression, social behavior, chemical signaling, biological timing,
stress, etc.) interact with one another in a variety of vertebrate
species from the perspectives of physiology, neuroendocrinology,
ethology and behavioral ecology and in both lab and field contexts.
We will read and present primary literature on these and other topics
based in class interests.