Biology | Microbial Physiology Laboratory
M360 | 0594 | Mower, R

Course format: Laboratory (9:05A-12:05P, MW, JH A402) with discussions
of forthcoming work and discussions at the conclusion of labs.

Requirements:  P: or concurrent - Biol M350 or consent of the instructor.

Course description: Analysis of bacterial growth, nutrition, responses
to the environment and analysis of metabolic processes.  Techniques
for cell fractionation and purification of cellular components.
Enzyme purification and kinetics, and the analysis of bacterial cell
proteins by electrophoresis and column chromatography.

Required text:  “Fundamental Laboratory Approaches for Biochemistry
and Biotechnology” by Alexander J. Ninfa and David P. Ballou, 1998.

Weekly assignments: TBA

Exams/papers: TBA