Biology | Virology Lecture
M430 | 0602 | Hardy, R

Course format:  Lecture:  10:10A – 11:00A, MWF, MY 130.

Requirements:   P:  Biol L211. R:  Biol L311 and L312

Course description:  Introduction to viruses.  Outline of structure,
molecular biology, mechanisms of replication, transmission and
pathogenesis.  In depth discussion of specific human viruses including
HIV, influenza, poliovirus, and SARS associated coronavirus.
Discussion of public health and societal consequences of viral epidemics.

Required text:  S. J. Flint, L. W. Enquist, R. M. Krug, V. R.
Racaniello, and A. M. Skalka “Principles of Virology: Molecular
Biology, Pathogenesis, and Control”,First Edition, ASM Press.

Assignments:  Three take-home assignments. One in-class presentation.

Exams:  Three exams (including final).