Biology | Special Topics in Zoology
Z620 | 0624 | Hardy, R

Course format:  Seminar:  1:30P-4:00P, TR, JH A514.  This section
meets second eight weeks only.

Requirements: Graduate students only.

Course description:  TOPIC: Molecular Virology and Public Health.
Seminars addressing molecular mechanisms of virus replication,
pathogenesis, and evasion of immune response and how these mechanisms
relate to public health.  Topics to be discussed include molecular
pathogenesis (HIV, Dengue), vaccine design (HIV, influenza), virus
eradiction (poliovirus), pathogenesis and virus emergence (Ebola,
SARS, West Nile, Sin Nombre).

Required text:  None. Class will use primary literature and review
articles to facilitate discussion.

Typical weekly assignments:  Reading and participation in class

Exams: No formal exam. Student will be required to provide background
and lead at least one class discussion.