Criminal Justice-COAS | Public Opinion, Crime, and Criminal Justice
P300 | 1534 | McClelland

Many criminal justice academics and professionals are increasingly
arguing that public concern about crime is becoming more relevant to
policy-making than actual crime rates.  This course will focus on
Americans' knowledge of crime and justice and the myths that often
mis-lead the public and researchers of criminal justice issues.
Given that public opinion is important to criminal justice policy
making - as illustrated through periodic law and order messages in
political campaigns and politicians' usage of public opinion to
justify their stances on criminal justice policy issues - this
course will provide a timely analysis and will raise questions as to
whom is qualified to shape our local and national criminal justice


Public Opinion, Crime, and Criminal Justice" by Julian V. Roberts
and Loretta Stalans, Boulder, CO:  Westview Press, 2000 ISBN 0-8133-
6793-X (pbk)

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Class meeting:  5:45-7:00P, TR, SE 140

Instructor:  Scott McClelland, criminal justice department