Criminal Justice-COAS | Careers in Criminal Justice
P300 | 24732 | Gray

Have you ever wondering if there are more jobs available for
criminal justice majors than police officer, probation officer, and
corrections officer?  Have you ever been asked your major and then
after stating that it was criminal justice had someone say oh you’re
going to be a cop or a lawyer?   Are you interested in finding out
whether forensics in relation to criminal justice is really what you
see on CSI? Have you become interested in the jobs that are being
emphasized in relation to homeland security?  Do you wonder if there
are other jobs applicable to criminal justice majors that exist in
the non-profit realm?  Have you ever heard of cybercrime; the
careers associated with it? Are you entertaining thoughts about
graduate school?  Are you interested in exploring the differences
between the criminal justice practitioner and academic?  These are
questions that many criminal justice majors have or will ponder over
their undergraduate career.  These are also questions that interest
people who are curious about the opportunities associated with the
field of criminal justice.  Through the blending of job
descriptions, web searches, guest speakers, instructional seminars,
empirical research, group discussion, and media aides the answers to
these questions as well as career planning strategies (e.g. as job
searching, resume development, personality matching, etc.) will be
discussed in this course.

Required Texts:

·  DeLucia, Robert C.  & Thomas J. Doyle. 1998. Career Planning in
Criminal Justice, 3d. Cincinnati: Anderson Publishing. ISBN:

·  Journal articles & other reading material will be provided online
or in class.

Class meeting:  Wednesday, 5:45-8:15 p.m., Room:TBA
Instructor:  Shani Gray, Criminal Justice Department