Criminal Justice-COAS | Psychology and the Law
P360 | 1540 | Levesque, R.

Part I explores the relative merit of using psychology to
investigate and apprehend criminal suspects; topics range from
suspect identification, searching and seizing, to interrogating
suspects. Part II examines the place of psychology in determining
defendants’ guilt; issues range from whether and how to detain and
press charges, bargain and plead guilty, assemble juries, prove
guilt, provide expert testimony, and consider defendants’ mental
states, to protect witnesses. Part III investigates psychology’s
role in the law’s formulation of criminal dispositions; topics range
from sentencing those deemed criminals as well as treating and
controlling them, to terminating their lives.

There will be three exams. Students will receive bonus points for
participation and attendance.

Class Meeting:  T, 2:30-5:00P, TH A201

Instructor:  Professor Roger Levesque, Department of Criminal Justice