Criminal Justice-COAS | Proseminar: Criminal Justice II
P502 | 1560 | Schlegel

The objective of P502 is to expose students to the important
literature on the etiology of crime.  Students will read, discuss
and assess theories of crime that focus on individual attributes
(constitutional theories), social organization (family, culture,
political and economic structures, etc.), as well as situational or
opportunity structures.  For the most part the course will address
these theories in chronological order, beginning, with a discussion
of what are referred to as the “classical” and “positive” schools of
criminology.   The assigned readings, as well as additional readings
brought to the class, will be geared toward preparation for the
Nature of Crime Area Ph.D. qualifying exam.    To this end, it is
important that students move beyond simply knowing the details
behind the theories.  Rather, the course will work toward an
improved ability to integrate ideas and locate important themes that
run through the various theoretical arguments.

Class meeting:  5:45-8:15, W, SY 146

Instructor:  Professor Kip Schlegel, criminal justice department