Classical Studies | The Art & Archaeology of Pompeii
C419 | ALL | Franklin

C419: The Art and Archaeology of Pompeii

	The course will comprise a thorough survey of the remains of
our best preserved ancient Roman city.
	Pompeii has been an active archaeological site for nearly 250
years, and the consequent bibliography virtually forms a sub-division
of classical philology in and of itself.  Most publication has been
in Spanish, Italian, German, and French, and is available only in the
major research libraries.  There is no required text for this class;
rather, books are on reserve in both the Main and Fine Arts
libraries.  Students can expect to spend considerable time doing
reserve reading.  There will be frequent handouts of the plans of the
buildings we will be discussing.
	There will be two tests and a cumulative final examination.
Tests will center on a thorough knowledge of the topography and
individual monuments of the site and will feature slide
identifications as well as factual and essay questions