Classical Studies | Seminar in the Greek Novel
G610 | 1001 | Hansen

G610 Seminar in the Greek novel (#1001) (4 cr)  meets in BH 018 Wed.

This seminar will focus in depth upon a single Greek novel, The Life
of Aesop, also known as the Aesop Romance, an anonymous piece of
popular literature composed around the 2nd century A.D.  Among the
topics we will consider are the different recensions of the work, its
language, its sources (traditions about Aesop, international
folktales, the Near-Eastern story of Ahikar, etc.), its composition
and structure (did the author have a plan?), its genre (comic
fiction, biographical fiction), its relationship to the Aesopic
fable, its meanings, and its value for understanding aspects of daily
life (slavery, marriage, etc.).  Students will read the Greek text,
explore the scholarly literature, give reports, and write papers,
including a final paper of original research.  The class meets
Wednesdays at 4-6:15 pm in BH 018.	
	The following three books have been ordered:
Franco Ferrari, ed.  Romanzo di Esopo.  2nd ed.  Milan:  Biblioteca
Universale Rizzoli, 2002.  ISBN 88-17-17161-1.   (Greek text)
William Hansen, ed.  Anthology of Ancient Greek Popular Literature.
Bloomington and Indianapolis:  Indiana University Press, 1998.  ISBN
Niklas Holzberg.  The Ancient Fable:  An Introduction.  Bloomington
and Indianapolis:  Indiana University Press, 2002.  ISBN 0-253-21548-
Non-Greek-reading students wishing to take the course can be
accommodated.  Please consult the instructor in advance.