Communication and Culture | World Media
C202 | 1130 | M. Mallapragada

This course is an introduction to the key issues and themes related to
media. We will first approach the issue of globalization from various
theoretical and historical perspectives and then proceed to understand
role of media such as television, film and the World Wide Web within
such a
framework.  Some of the basic questions and issues this course will
include: what is meant by globalization? What is the nature of global
What are the political, economic and cultural dimensions of global
media? And
how can the study of global media enable us to better understand the
relationship between the global flows of images, capital, products,
people and
cultures in the contemporary world?
	During the course of the semester, you will read scholarly and
material discussing a specific aspect of global media. In addition to
lectures, you are required to attend the screenings which will
illuminate the
workings of globalization in a particular socio-historical context.
reading materials, screenings, lectures and class discussions will
provide you
with the necessary skills  for the contextual study of global media by
at the interrelations between media texts, institutions, audiences/
users in
particular locations. In other words, we will examine and interrogate
media texts, institutions, audiences and the broader socio-historical
in which they participate within the framework of the cultural,
political and
economic dimensions of globalization. The objective of this course is
to offer
you an introduction to global media as well as the analytical tools to
with issues related to globalization outside the immediate context of