Communication and Culture | Argument and Advocacy
C228 | 1150 | Isaac West

This class will integrate the three topoi of our department (rhetoric,
media, and performance) into its investigation of the analysis and use
of argument.  We will use texts such as documentaries, movies,
television shows, memorials, and public events including parades and
demonstrations to uncover their explicit and implicit use of argument.
This is not a debate class-by that I mean that we will not learn the
practices and rules of academic debate like the kind you might
associate with your high school debate team.  We will debate and
discuss issues in class but this is not a class that will teach you
how to "Argue and Win Every Time" to borrow a phrase from a famous

In line with the advocacy portion of the class, forty percent of your
grade will be determined by a service-learning project that will be
coordinated between a myself and a local advocacy group.  In concert
with other students from the class, you will work on a specific event
or campaign for this group.  Therefore you need to plan on spending
time outside of class working on this project.

The required texts for this class include Corbett and Eberly's
Elements of Reasoning, Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, and
Deborah Tannen's The Argument Culture.