Communication and Culture | Persuasion
C324 | 1155-1156 | Susan Enck-Wanzer

Often when we talk about persuasion, it is in individualistic and
instrumental terms -- as such, persuasion is considered as an ends-
oriented tool for moving someone to a change of behavior or attitude.
How did lobbyists persuade the representatives to vote for their
cause?  How do commercials persuade us to buy their soft drinks and
detergent?  How can I persuade my buddy to loan me $10?  While such
models have their place, the focus of this course will encourage you
to broaden your understanding of the term and think of persuasion more
as an attitude with regard to encouraging or discouraging cultural
identification(s).  As such, the goal of C324 is to locate the
manifold attitudes that might be present within a given text/artifact
and to discern the ways in which such attitudes position audiences and
work to either buttress or dampen identities, coalitions, and cultural