Communication and Culture | Current Topics: International Deaf Cultures
C334 | 1161 | L. Monaghan

This course looks at how Deaf cultures have sprung up again and again
the world and the forces that shape these cultures.  One important
theme will
be the contrast between the values and practices of parents and
educators who
want children to be able to talk and interact with hearing society and
of Deaf community members whose focus is on sign language, easy
between Deaf people, and gaining access to the jobs, goods and
services of the
larger society as a group rather than as individuals.  The course will
take a
cross cultural and historical perspective on the issue, and will
readings on Deaf communities in Europe, the United States, Latin
Africa and Asia.  Competing notions will be traced from roots in 16th
Spain and 18th century France to their manifestations today in places
from Nicaragua to Nigeria and Thailand.

A portion of the above section reserved for majors