Communication and Culture | Seminar in Media
C793 | 1197 | Greg Waller

C793 will examine the cultural history of American film in the 1930s,
covering: Hollywood and non-Hollywood production, features and shorts,
star vehicles and B-movies; censorship and public discourse concerning
the movies; theatrical and non-theatrical film exhibition; the role of
the trade press; and recent trends in film historiography as
exemplified in work on the 1930s.  The screening list will focus on
films that in some fashion explore commercial entertainment and media
(radio, motion pictures, the press, newsreels, traveling shows, and so
on).  Some possible titles: His Girl Friday, Too Hot to Handle, Shall
We Dance, Anything for a Thrill, What Price Hollywood, Stand Up and
Cheer, Melody Ranch, and (stretching the period a bit) The Jazz Singer
and Sullivanís Travels.  Other recommendations welcome. Students will
be called on for close textual analysis, careful critical reading, and
historical research using primary sources.