Comparative Literature | Introduction to Popular Culture:Modernity, Kitsch and Pulp.
C151 | 1211 | Adriana Varga

Topic:Modernity, Kitsch and Pulp.

TR   11:15-12:30       Kirkwood 312
"Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything."  Andy Warhol
This course carries COAS A & H and Cultural Studies credit.

This section provides an introduction to the study of popular culture
and its quirky aesthetics by looking at its various faces: modernism,
post-modernism, surrealism, dada, the absurd, kitsch and pulp.  We
will explore various genres such as print and television ads, magazine
articles, cartoons, film, music, poetry, painting and the novel.  We
will analyze works by artists that best represent these genres and
currents in order to understand how the interplay of low and high art
shapes popular culture: from Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, Gertrude
Stein, Tristan Tzara and Ionesco, to Thomas Pynchon, Lawrence
Ferlinghetti, Peter Esterhazy, Jim Thompson, Truman Capote, The Who,
Andy Warhol, and the Simpsons.  While the focus of the class is
American popular culture, we will also read, hear and view materials
from various other cultures.