Comparative Literature | Modern Literature & the Other Arts
C255 | 1215 | Anthony Lichi

TR 1:00-2:15    BH 011
Satisfies COAS Cultural Studies and A & H requirements.

The theme of this course is the City, meaning both real and imagined
cities, in modern literature and the other arts.  We will examine
theories of the city, life in the material world of the city, and more
by reading about, viewing and comparing their representations in
literature, painting, architecture, music and film.  The goals of the
course are to help you understand fundamental themes and practices in
modern artistic periods(from neoclassicism through postmodernism), to
practice the mechanics of both comparative literature and comparative
arts, and to analyze the growth of cities and their relationship to
human creativity and imagination.  Texts include selections from
Gulliver's Travels, Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Poe, a Sherlock
Holmes story, Freud, Joyce, T.S. Eliot, Italo Calvino and others.
Paintings include Panini, David, Friedrich, Delacroix, Turner, Monet,
Rivera, and Warhol.  Films will be selected with the help of students,
but may include Dark City, Brazil, or the Fisher King.