Comparative Literature | "In Love & War": Romance & War Film & Literature
C310 | 1219 | Kevin West

MWF   10:10-11:00    BH 217
Satisfies COAS A & H requirements.

Are times of love and times of war properly thought of—as they are
popularly thought of—as times somehow outside of time, when “normal”
life is superseded or suspended? Does this similarity explain the
popularity, especially after WWII, of representing romance within a
wartime context? Or are war and eroticism even more “fundamentally
allied,” as theorists such as de Rougemont, Freud, and Bataille claim?
To what extent do representations of war “romanticize” it? These and
related questions will structure our necessarily selective look at
romance and war literature and film. We will of course also concern
ourselves with more broadly generic questions, as well as with
questions involving the adaptation of a written text to the cinema and
with the unique concerns of each work. Key texts we will examine in
both their screen and print versions include All Quiet on the Western
Front, A Farewell to Arms, The English Patient, and Hiroshima mon

Course requirements include a midterm exam; a final paper
of 10-12 pages; a class presentation; regular, guided responses to
assigned texts; and close, consistent engagement with all course
materials and aims. E-mail with any questions or
for more information.