Comparative Literature | Drama: Dramas of Transgression
C311 | 1220 | Angela Pao


TR   2:30-3:45      Sycamore  212

Above section meets with C511 and meets COAS A & H requirement.

World drama is filled with tales of transgression - the breaking of
legal, moral, religious and social prescriptions.  Over the centuries
such transgressions have appeared on stage cast as tragic, comic,
melodramatic and symbolic events.  This semester we will study plays
that center around acts of violation, resistance or survival.  In the
process we will consider how generic conventions, performance
practices, and conceptions of the function of theatre and drama in
society have shaped the interpretation and reception of these works in
the past and in the present.

The plays we will read include:  Sophocles' Antigone, Euripides'
Medea, Shakespeare's Othello, Moliére's George Dandin, Racine's
Phaedra, Lillo's London Merchant, Boucicault's Octoroon, Ibsen's Hedda
Gabler, Brecht's Galileo, Yeats "Purgatory," Lorca's Blood Wedding,
Genet's The Maids, Mishima's The Lady Aoi, Soyinka's Death and the
King's Horseman, Fugard's The Island, and Walcott's Pantomime.

There will be a midterm, a take-home final exam and an 8-10 page term