Comparative Literature | Caribbean Literature & Theory
C400 | 1229 | Vivian Nun Halloran

11:15-12:30   MW     BH 317
This section meets COAS A & H requirement and carries COAS Cultural
Studies credit.
meets with C670

Caribbean Literature and Theory:  Bermuda Shorts
In this course, I use the peculiar metaphor of one iconic piece of
clothing worn by tourists everywhere-Bermuda shorts-to signal the
methodology which brings together the selected readings.  Namely, we
will be focusing on short texts from different genres, from stories,
to poems, to plays, to novels and even travelogues in an effort to
study as many representative aspects of Caribbean literature as
possible.  Although the readings will be short in length, our inquiry
into what, and whether, there can be a consensus of the meanings of
the Caribbean experience will be serious and focused around big
theoretical ideas:  Are we indeed "all Caribbeans now in our urban
archipelagos" as anthropologist James Clifford asks?  Who's Caribbean?
West Indian? Antillean? Cuban? Jamaican? Trinidadian?  How do travel
and exile fundamentally shape the Caribbean basin?

Students will have to do a presentation, short write-up, a 10 page
research paper and an exam.