Comparative Literature | Topics in Literature: Modernism: New Mannerism & Neo-Baroque
C611 | 1241 | Giancarlo Maiorino

M  4:00-6:30  BH 232

This interdisciplinary seminar will focus on the 'mannerist' aspect of
Postmodernism. Its roots are traced back to the sixteenth century in
terms of constants as well as of period concepts. The mannerist
periphery will be set against the modernist end and the postmodern
dead end. The literary texts considered are, among others, by Borges,
Calvinio, Fuentes, Barth, Muijica Lainez, and Barthes. Critical
references include Barth, Baudrillard, Lyotard, Eco, Steiner, and
Barthes. Art will include painting, sculpture, and architecture.
Topical issues will center on simulation, the grotesques, spectacle,
ruins, pathologies of art, pathologies of society, the inventory of
nonsense, the aftermath of art, the rhetoric of etcetera, and the
forefront of art.