Cognitive Science | Foundations of Cognitive Science
Q240 | 1020 | Ryder

Lecture: 11:15-12:30, MW, WH 106
Discussion:  10:10-12:05, F, FR C238

This course is devoted to exploring the foundations of the
scientific idea that the mind is a complicated kind of mechanism.
After briefly reviewing the history of this idea, we will step back
and try to describe, in general terms, the puzzling features of
perception, thought, and action that seem to resist mechanistic
explanation. We will then examine and evaluate some very general
theoretical strategies that have been pursued in an attempt to
explain these features, including classical computation and
information processing, connectionism, dynamical embedded systems,
neuroscientific models, physico-mathematical constraints,
evolutionary psychology, and cultural approaches. We will conclude
with a philosophical investigation of consciousness, representation,
and the self. Topics considered (at least briefly) will include
visual perception, concepts, language, learning, innateness,
reasoning, emotion, intelligence, robotics, motor control, spatial
navigation, and both cellular and systems level neuroscience.