East Asian Languages and Cultures | Advanced Elementary Chinese II
C104 | 1618 | Chen

P: for beginning students with some prior knowledge of Chinese:
grade of C or higher in C103 or equivalent proficiency.  Those who
havenít taken C103 must be available for oral interview on campus, 8-
9 January, for confirming placement by the Chinese language program.

This course is specially designed for learners who have previously
acquired some basic Chinese at home or Chinese speaking community
settings.  It will further develop the studentsí overall language
proficiency.  Towards the end of this course, students will be able
to achieve the following: acquire standard Mandarin pronunciation;
improve the level of communication skills; acquire higher level
registers of aural and oral skills; expand the vocabulary range
beyond the domain of immediate personal use in all four language
skills; express oneís basic thoughts and put them down in
characters; know how to type in Chinese characters, etc.

Students will meet five hours a week: two for interactive lectures
and three for dynamic drills.  The lectures will be brainstorming on
studentsí pre-knowledge of a certain topic, followed by practice of
potential grammatical patterns.  Ample interesting, real life,
supplementary reading and writing materials will be provided.
Drills provide opportunities for further practice with reading and
writing.  A learner-centered, task-based, and proficiency-oriented,
cooperative approach will be employed.

Grades will be based on daily performance, homework assignments,
quizzes, lesson tests, and oral/written exams.