East Asian Languages and Cultures | Business Chinese
C320 | 1634 | Huang

Prerequisite (P): grade of C or higher in C301 or equivalent
Recommended (R): Students may be concurrently registered in both
C302 and C320.

This course focuses on practical language skills that are most
helpful in actual business interactions with Chinese-speaking
communities. Classroom activities, TASK-BASED and largely in the
form of real world simulation, will be based on authentic documents
and correspondence as well as a course packet.  Some highlights
include: business negotiation in international trade, business
letter writing, business documents comprehension, business oral
presentation, commercial language and word processing.  Through
intensive practice in the listening, speaking, reading and writing
of the Chinese language for business purposes, students will enhance
their cultural awareness and acquire vocabulary, phrases and
sentence patterns commonly used in typical Chinese business
contexts.  Classes are conducted entirely in Chinese in three one-
hour drills. Active participation in class is required. The grade
will be based on class performance, homework assignments, quizzes,
and oral/written tests.