East Asian Languages and Cultures | East Asia: An Introduction
E100 | 1582 | Robinson

This course serves as an introduction to modern East Asian societies
and civilizations. It focuses on the 20th century experience of
China, Japan, and Korea. In spite of the current financial crisis
that dogs the Amiracle@ economies of Asia, it is clear that the East
Asian region will rise as a preeminent region of productive and
market power in the 21st century. The last 100 years of our
relationship with Asia has been characterized by imperialism, war,
and ideological differences. This course will unscramble these
issues and provide insights into the late 20th century vitality of
East Asia=s social, economic, and political contributions to the
emerging transnational world of the future. We will use texts,
focused readings, films, and lectures to build our knowledge of
Asia. Evaluation of students will be based on several hour exams, a
final exam, and two short essay assignments.