East Asian Languages and Cultures | Music and Culture in Contemporary Japan
E204 | 9549 | Prescott

Music and Culture in Contemporary Japan: J-Pop, Jazz and Everything
in Between

Contemporary musical culture in Japan includes a diversity of native
Japanese and imported styles. Since the Meiji Restoration of 1868,
non-Japanese genres such as European art music, jazz and popular
music have been highly favored, but domestic styles such as J-Pop,
enka, Tsugaru shamisen and Okinawan music also have a significant
presence. This course begins with an overview of Japanese history
and traditional music, with the emphasis then shifting to the
current mix of domestic and foreign musics found in Japan. In
addition to examining the music itself, the musicians, and the
consumers, the course will also focus on post-Meiji Restoration
government policies, economic power and mass media, which have all
influenced music making and consumption in Japan. No previous
knowledge of Japanese language, history or music is necessary.