East Asian Languages and Cultures | Anime
E300 | 9839 | Keirstead

Animated films and television programs count among Japan’s most
conspicuous cultural products. And their appeal and influence reach
far beyond Japan’s domestic markets. From kids cartoons to
sophisticated feature films, from bewilderingly complex SF to
hideously violent pornography, the range and variety of anime seems
nearly infinite. In this course we’ll try to bring some order to
this maelstrom by discussing representative genres, recurring
themes, and major artists. Our explorations of anime will take up
questions of memory and identity; humans and technology; gender
relations; historical and apocalyptic visions. We’ll reflect on
the “Japaneseness” of anime, as we consider the history and
seemingly global future of the medium. The works of Miyazaki Hayao
will receive special attention as noteworthy and beautifully
rendered examples of feature-length animated films.