East Asian Languages and Cultures | Korean Language and Culture
E305 | 1593 | Lee

This course is a survey of the relation between Korean language and
Korean culture and society; no background in Korea or Korean
language is required.

Language is an important window through which one can understand the
culture and society of the people who use it, because people=s socio-
cultural behaviors and attitudes as well as thoughts are reflected
in their use of the language.  We will deal with such topics as
kinship terminology, color terms, sexism in language, names, luck
and taboo words, proverbs, communication styles, structure of folk
narratives, the Korean writing system (particularly its cultural
background and cultural implications), metaphors, and loan words.
Through these topics, we will look through the cultural and
conceptual as well as philosophical makeup of Korean people, and the
structure of Korean society that is reflected through Korean

1.  Readings: appropriate readings will be assigned for each topic.
2.  One midterm and one final exam
3.  Three short (3-5 page) essays on the topics covered in class,
one of which is based on a small-group project.