East Asian Languages and Cultures | Japan in World Politics and Trade
E350 | 1596 | Kasza

This course covers the political, military, and economic aspects of
Japan's foreign relations.  Japan is responsible for roughly 10
percent of the world's industrial production.  It is a huge investor
in the U.S., one of the biggest trading partners of both Western and
other Asian countries, and often the world's largest donor of
foreign aid.  Its trade relations with other countries have long
been a source of friction and controversy.   In security affairs,
Japan adopted a low profile after World War II, but in recent years
this has begun to change.  Japan's military budget is now one of the
five largest in the world, its troops participate in foreign
military operations, and the threat from North Korea has opened new
possibilities for Japanese security policy.  With due attention to
the cultural and historical dimensions of Japan's interaction with
the rest of the world, this course will focus on these military and
economic facets of Japanese foreign policy.