East Asian Languages and Cultures | The Pacific War: Words and Images
E352 | 1597 | Rubinger

The general goal of this course will be to understand the Pacific
War as the participants experienced it and to extract meanings and
lessons for us today, more than fifty years after the war ended.
The first half of the course will be a detailed narrative of the
Pacific War from its beginnings in 1931 until the Japanese surrender
in 1945 using written accounts and documentary films from both
sides.  This will include geography of the Pacific region,
personalities of major players, and analyses of strategies.  The
second half will focus on a number of key issues that students will
be asked to analyze and judge.  Among them are:  the uses of
propaganda, racial stereotyping and imaging the enemy, views from
the homefronts, media coverage on both sides, and the aftermaths of
the war in the U.S. and Japan.

Students will be asked to do extensive reading and to view
documentary films on a weekly basis.  There will be a midterm and a
final exam and one paper requiring students to critically examine a
book on the subject.