East Asian Languages and Cultures | Fourth-Year Japanse II (undergrad)
J402 | 1675 | Rubinger

P: grade of C or better in J401 or equivalent proficiency

The aim of this course is to develop in students the skills to
understand a wide range of written materials of an advanced level
without recourse to vocabulary lists, grammatical supplements and so
forth.  The class will continue to reinforce and extend the four
skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, but the
greatest emphasis will be place don reading.  Selections will be
taken primarily from history, literature, and the mass media.  To
the extent possible readings will be taken from areas of student
interest.  There will be midterm and final examinations with quizzes
as needed.  Weekly work in the language lab is required.  Students
will also be expected to hand in weekly summaries of light fiction
such as detective stories and science fiction to be read outside of