East Asian Languages and Cultures | Literary Japanese II
J507 | 1680 | Sarra

P: completion of J302 or equivalent proficiency
Students do NOT need to have taken J506 before enrolling in J507.

This course is an introduction to classical Japanese grammar through
the reading of carefully selected texts in pre-modern Japanese
literature.  We will read in the original a variety of brief prose
and lyric texts excerpted from longer works which represent the
diverse range of styles employed by writers of the mid to late Heian
period (early tenth through early thirteenth centuries).  The direct
method of learning through a close reading of the texts themselves
will be followed from the beginning.

The instructor expects to provide guidance and criticism throughout
the course, but does not intend to lecture more than once or twice
during the term.  The students are expected to give grammatical
analysis of the Japanese text when necessary, on the basis of
procedures demonstrated during the first class sessions.  In
addition, attention will be given to developing smooth translations
into English.  Students will be called on to give these analyses and
translations, so participation is an essential part of the grade.

Grades will also include a midterm and final examination.  Copies of
the texts to be covered and a chart of verb and auxiliary verb
inflections will be provided at the beginning of the course.
Students are required to equip themselves with a copy of one of the
following dictionaries of classical Japanese:

Obunsha, Kogo jiten (new ed., rev 1975)
Kadokawa, Kogo jiten (new ed., rev 1963)
Sanseido, Shin meikai kogo jiten (rev 1972)