Education | Advanced Practicum in Counseling Supervision
G763 | 5952 | Dr. Susan Whiston

Course Description

Closely directed experience in supervising master's level students in
counseling practice in a laboratory, a school, or an agency.
Participation in seminar discussion of the theory and practice of


1.To development a knowledge base related to supervision theory,
research, and practice.

2.To begin to develop an identity as an ethical counseling supervisor

3.To understand the supervision needs of counselors at various
developmental levels.

4.To develop skills related to supervising other counselors and

5.To discuss the influences of culture in counseling supervision.

6.To develop the observational and conceptualization skills to
identify supervisees’ strengths and limitations.

7.To demonstrate skills in communicating evaluative feedback to


1.Supervision of master’s level supervisees: Students in G763 are
expected to conduct individual supervision with at least three
supervisees per week (one hour for each supervision).  Doctoral
students are responsible for scheduling weekly sessions and for
reviewing master’s students counseling performance.  Each supervision
session should be document in a log, which will be due on March 10,
2004 and April 28, 2003.

2.Master’s students’ counselor evaluation.  At both mid-semester and
at the end of the semester, G763 students are expected to provide
written feedback to their supervisees related to each supervisee’s
clinical strengths and limitations.  These evaluations will be given
to the master’s students, the appropriate instructor of G524, and the
instructor of G763. Student evaluative reports are due to me on March
10, 2004 and April 28, 2003.

3.Supervision Taping.  All doctoral students are required to either
video- or audiotape each supervision sessions.  G763 students may be
required to bring in tapes and share them during seminar.

4.Supervision Case Presentation. Each G763 student will be required
to formally discuss one supervision case during seminar.  The
presentation should including videotape from at least two supervision
sessions.  The presentation should include the information included
in the following outline:

Supervision Case Presentation Outline

I.Supervisee summary

a.Demographic description of supervisee
b.Supervision goals

II.Supervisor’s impressions

a.supervision relationship

2.Conflicts (past, present, or future)

b.supervisee’s counseling and case conceptualization skills
c.supervisee’s clinical strengths and limitations

III.Summary of supervisory interventions

a.Summary of supervision process
b.Supervisee’s progress toward goals
c.Proposed future intervention strategies (integrate theory)
d.Questions and concerns


Grades will be assigned based on the student’s ability to analyze and
conceptualize supervisory issues, level of professional supervision
performance, quality of the written requirements, and participation
in class.