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L367 | 2083 | Marks

L367 2083 MARKS
Literature of the Bible

4:00p-5:15p TR (30) 3 CR.

The initial aim of this introductory course will be acquaintance with
the biblical text, including the ideas behind it and the ideas it has
inspired; but we shall be concerned too with more general issues of
authority and originality, metaphor and enigma, interpretive license
and the status of the author--issues which a reading of the Bible
raises in their acutest form.  Our approach throughout will be
literary rather than historical.  This means that we shall be
studying the various writings with reference to their own proposed
chronology and without trying to reconstruct the underlying events.
But we shall look carefully at the Bible's own view of human history
as radically contingent, and at some imaginative responses which we
have come to take for granted, such as the notions of election,
revelation, and a personal God.

Readings will include extensive selections from all three divisions
of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), together with some excerpts from
ancient Near Eastern epic and wisdom literature.  We shall also look
more briefly at the way the canonical texts were reinterpreted and
revised by the authors of the New Testament. There will be two short
papers, a mid-term, and a final.  Please bring a Bible (King James
Version) to the first meeting.