English | Junior Honors Seminar
L399 | 2101 | Anderson

L399 2101 ANDERSON
Junior Honors Seminar

2:30p-3:45p TR (15) 3 CR.

Open to departmental honors students.  Requires the permission of the
English department’s Director of Honors.  Obtain authorization from
Ballantine 442.

TOPIC:  “Allegory and Metaphor: Interpreting Texts and Making Meaning”

For some theoretical readers of literature, all meaning is
allegorical or metaphorical; for others, metaphor and allegory (a
special kind of metaphor) are only a certain kind of meaning.  What
I'd like to do is to look at some of these ideas about meaning and at
texts that test and modify them.  My list is still tentative (and you
are welcome to lobby for readings in my office hours this fall), but
I'm thinking of Spenser, Shakespeare, Swift or Pope, Shaw, Ionesco or
Beckett (twentieth-century absurdist drama), and probably our
contemporary, Paul Auster.  Short stories by Hawthorne, James, and
Joyce are also a possibility, as is even a tale by Chaucer.  Both in
theory and in practice, the subject of this seminar is everywhere,
and it might even be what defines us as civilized human beings.