English | Seminar: Literary Form, Mode, and Theme
L460 | 2102 | Marks

L460 2102 MARKS
Seminar: Literary Form, Mode, and Theme

3:35p-6:05p W (20) 3 CR. (Meets with CMLT C405)

PREREQUISITE:  At least one course in literary interpretation at the
200 level or above, or permission of the instructor.

TOPIC: “Prophecy and Poetry”

Biblical prophecy and the appropriation of prophetic stances in
secular poetry.  Intensive study of the book of Ezekiel and selected
writings of William Blake.  Questions addressed will include the
background and history of prophecy as a literary mode, its formal
conventions, its paradoxical status as an antithetical discourse, and
its relation to the apocalyptic modes that displaced it.

Written work: a short exegetical paper, an exercise in line-by-line
commentary, and a choice of two critical essays or a term paper.

For the first class, please read "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" by