Introductory Creative Writing

11:15a-12:05p M (108) 3 CR.

Discussion sections:
1967 9:05a- 9:55a WF (18)
1968 10:10a-11:00a WF (18)
1969 11:15a-12:05p WF (18)
1970 11:15a-12:05p WF (18)
1971 12:20p- 1:10p WF (18)
1972 12:20p- 1:10p WF (18)

PREREQUISITE: Completion of the English composition requirement.

W103 is an introduction to the writing of poetry and fiction. Students will attend a weekly lecture designed to introduce them to aspects of craft in poetry and fiction, and also meet twice weekly in discussion/workshop sections, which are taught by associate instructors. Students will be asked to attend all sessions regularly, to read and write about poetry and fiction from the course texts, to write creative exercises, and to fully draft at least four poems and a full short story. Although exams will be given based on the poetry and fiction units covered in Monday lectures, the major focus of the course will be on the student's own writing and original creative work.

Probable texts:

J. D. McClatchy, The Vintage Book of Contemporary Poetry, 2nd edition
Michael Martone and Lex Williford, The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction