English | Advanced Poetry Writing
W403 | 2009 | Potter

W403 2009 POTTER
Advanced Poetry Writing

12:20p-1:35p MW (15) 3 CR.

PREREQUISITE:  W303 or equivalent.  This section requires permission
of instructor.  Obtain authorization from BH442.

This is a workshop course.  We will focus on student writing combined
with study of contemporary poetry to assess, analyze, and familiarize
ourselves with the work that is currently underway.  Much attention
will be paid to craft, to technique, revision, various approaches to
any given work, but also to the source – where the poems come from.
Hence there will be specific writing assignments (including
experiments with traditional forms), some in-class exercises, and
discussion about the writing process itself.  Students will be asked
to workshop one poem each week resulting in a final portfolio of
revised pieces.  Besides the making of great poems, the aim of this
course is that students will leave with a broader understanding of
the range of possibilities of the poem, and will have developed
competent critical and editorial abilities.

To audition for the class, submit five poems, your e-mail address,
and a list of creative writing classes you’ve taken (with names of
instructors) in the body of an e-mail to capotter@indiana.edu at
least one week before your registration day.  Submit your manuscript
as soon as possible, since spaces will be filled as people apply.  I
will contact those admitted to the class.  After you have been
approved, please see the creative writing secretary in BH 442 for on-
line authorization.