Folklore | Music in African Film: Sounding & Imaging
F301 | 2415 | Stone

Music has influenced film in the Hollywood as well as documentary and
ethnographic contexts.  This music has simplified, underscored, and
created a counterpoint to the visual images and action.  The course
will explore how various kinds of music have been created, and how
these musics have been interpreted by audiences, composers, and
arrangers.  Films to be viewed and analyzed will be selected from the
period from 19301990.  They will include, among others, African
Queen, La Vie est Belle, Out of Africa, and Quartier Mozart.
Several short analysis exercises will be assigned. The major project
for the class will be a paper of approximately 25 pages or a website.

Texts:  Royal S. Brown, Overtones and Undertones: Reading Film Music,
1994.  Richard Davis, Complete Guide to Film Scoring: The Art and
Business of Writing Music for Movies and TV, 1999. Manthia Diawara,
African Cinema: Politics and Culture, 1992. Kenneth W. Harrow,
African Cinema: Postcolonial and Feminist Readings, 1999. Laurence E.
MacDonald, The Invisible Art of Film Music, 1998.