Folklore | Fieldwork in Folklore
F523 | 2428 | Shukla

This class will consist of small fieldwork projects that the student
will do and turn in throughout the semester.  A written version of
the project is due to the instructor, as well as an oral and
informal, in class presentation on the day the project is due. These
projects require a time commitment, therefore the reading load is
light so that most of the time spent outside of class is literally
spend outside, in the field.  Students will do fieldwork, go out in
the real world, observe and interview people, photograph and record,
understand and report back.  There is no big final project, but
rather a series of focused smaller ones.  Each student is expected to
keep a field journal which is to be turned in at the end of the
semester.  In this class we will look at both fieldwork
methodology and results; how to do fieldwork and what to do with the
stuff once we have it.