Folklore | Folklore & Social Science
F740 | 2437 | El-Shamy

The emphasis in this class is on three major disciplines and their
areas of overlap with folklore scholarship:

I.	Cultural and social anthropology: the concept of culture and
II. 	Sociology and the community: who may be viewed as 'folk'; the
social process and its relevance to folklore.
III.	Psychology, especially the psychology of learning and related
issues (e.g., 'performance'), curriculum and education, social
psychology (the interpersonal behavior event).
IV.	Methods of social and cultural sciences (compared to
humanities' approaches).
V.   	Basic reference works in folklore and their methods.

Other social and cultural sciences will be treated with less emphasis
(e.g., history, semeiotics, literature as lore/or literary lore--
typically but inaccurately labeled: 'the anthropology of literature').

Readings: Introductory works ("introduction to...") in the above
cited disciplines. A packet of readings will be available.

One term paper.
Two exams (usually, take-home type).
Active participation in class discussions