Folklore | History of Ideas
F740 | 2439 | Tuohy

This course focuses on histories of ethnomusicology specifically and
on the writing of history and construction of disciplines generally.
Under the F740 History of Ideas course rubric, the course examines
the intellectual history of ethnomusicology, including social,
political and ideological forces influencing its development.
Histories offer different views of the process through which "we"
arrived at where we are today and where we might go from here. Thus
we will engage in a type of "reflexive history" as we analyze visions
and versions of ethnomusicological history, their narratives, and the
means by which some have become institutionalized.  We also will
explore problems involved in writing intellectual history and attend
to philosophies and institutions involved in the organization of
Students will become familiar with the history of ethnomusicology
(its scope and aims, key issues and points of debate, practitioners,
and resources) and gain a sense of the diversity in
ethnomusicological research.  Individual research projects may
address broad concerns in disciplinary history or focus on particular
histories in terms of time, place, or scholar.
Readings: E-reserve articles to be read and discussed by the class
along with works selected for individual research projects.
Requirements: class preparation and participation, an annotated
bibliography, short written assignments, and a final research paper.
The course also fulfills a 700-level theory requirement in Folklore
and the social-cultural track in Ethnomusicology as well as one of
the two "core courses" requirement for Ph.D. minors in the
Ethnomusicology Program.