Folklore | Special Fieldwork II
F804 | 2445 | Reed

This course is designed to meet two, interlinked goals: 1. to provide
upper level graduate students with additional experience conducting
fieldwork; and 2. to focus on the art of writing ethnography.  The
course will focus on several components of the writing process
associated with fieldwork—fieldnotes, fieldtape indexes, and
transcriptions—and analyze the relationship between these components
and the construction of a final, publishable ethnography.
Additionally, we will analyze different modes of representation, from
more conventional ethnographies to experimental approaches, and
compare/contrast writing for “stand-alone” written products such as
articles and books with writing for multimedia projects.  The course
will link the theoretical aspects of ethnographic writing with
practical assignments that will allow students to conduct fieldwork
and experiment with various approaches to write-up. Fulfills core
requirement in ethnomusicology. Prerequisite: F523.