French and Italian | Advanced Grammar and Composition II
F314 | 2508 | Prof. Dekydtspot

This is the second half of a two-course sequence devoted to a
comprehensive study of French grammar and the development of writing
skills.  This semester, we focus on pronominal verbs, the expression
of negation, the nominal system, (e.g., gender and adjective
placement and agreement, the structure comparatives and
superlatives), the subjunctive, the formation of relatives and
indirect discourse. Students will write three compositions
(representing each a different style) are required during the course
of the semester. Supervised in-class sessions where rough drafts are
revised for correctness of grammar, style and communicative
effectiveness helps promote correct writing. Students also keep a
weekly journal and receive grammatical feedback. Continued emphasis
is placed on the difficulties facing non-native writers, on levels of
style in written and oral expression and on differences of usage in
French and English.

Required textbooks are La grammaire à l’œuvre and A vous d’écrire.
Students should have access to a major French dictionary.  A good
English-French dictionary will also be useful.

The course is conducted in French. In addition to the three
compositions, there will be two hour-tests and a final examination.
Prerequisite in FRIT F313.