After a brief discussion on the influence which classical play writers had on the authors of Renaissance comedies, students will read selected scenes from Niccolò Machiavelli's La Mandragola, considered the period's greatest play because of its originality, its literary value as well as its historical and social significance. As an exercise on how a narrative work can be rewritten for the stage, students will read and examine one of Giovanni Boccaccio's best known novella from his Decameron. The major part of the course will be dedicated to the reading and discussion of Carlo Goldoni's La locandiera and to Luigi Pirandello's Pensaci, Giacomino! Such very short plays as Cesare Pavese Si parva licet and Mario Fratti La scelta will also be read and acted in class.

In addition to class presentations and discussion, students will be shown scenes from P.P. Pasolini's Decameron and Alberto Lattuada's La Mandragola.

A mid-term exam and a final written examination.

Required Texts:

Carlo Goldoni, La locandiera. Any paperback edition available.
Luigi Pirandello, Pensaci, Giacomino! Edited by Edoardo A. Lèbano.

All other additional instructional material will be provided by the instructor.