Germanic Languages | German Film and Popular culture
G418 | 2809-2810 | Fraser

Prerequisite:  G305 or G306

Florian Illies’2001 bestseller, Generation Golf, details the
products, particularly the Volkswagen model, and the trends  that
shaped his generation (the 30-somethings) This book will serve as a
basic text to introduce students to contemporary German popular
culture, both that of the Golf generation, now suffering from
economic setbacks and unemployment rates and for the somewhat
different culture, values, and political heritage of their parents
and grandparents.  Since the parents grew up in a divided Germany,
issues of East-West relations will also be discussed along with the
Americanization of German culture and resistance to that trend.

The course will be conducted entirely in German.

Required Texts:

Florian Illies, Generation Golf

Wilhelm Busch, Heinrich Hoffmann, Max und Moritz/ Der Struwwelpeter

Elke Heidenreich, Am Südpol denkt man, ist es heiß

Günther Ohnemus, Der Tiger auf deiner Schulter

A course package of additional readings will also be required.